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Frequently Asked Question [Aug 10,2016]
Frequently Asked Question


Can't reset emergency stop
 01. B.D.C sensor doesn't work.
 Check the electrical contact point. If it is OK, replace the sensor.
 02. Mis-feed sensor doesn't work.
 Check the electrical contact point. If it is OK, replace the sensor.
 03. O.L.P. solenoid stuck.
 Check whether something inside to block the solenoid. Clean it or replace it.
 04. E.stop circuit wire loosened.
 Check the circuit and fasten it.
 05. Over heat to stop main motor.
 Check the current setting on thermal relay. If the setting is correct, reset
the relay. Or adjust it.
 06. Leakage in O.L.P.
 Check the packing seal. If any damage found, replace it.
 07. Pre-set counter broken.
 Check the electrical contact point and clean it.
 08. Oil level sensor broken.
 Replace it.
 09. Wrong grease used and error message occurs to stop operation.
 Check the specification of grease, if wrong replace it.
 10. Converter self-protect.
 Check the temperature of converter and the ventilation. Replace the fan if
need. Check the indicating light and follow the instruction manual to repair it.
 11. Air pressure switch actuated by vibration.
 Check the air pressure in tank. If pressure is OK, replace the pessure switch.
 12. Run out of battery.
 Replace a new battery.
 13. Stuck release pressure switch broken.
 Check the switch. Replace it if need.
 14. Air pressure switch setting loosened.
 Fasten it.

Abnormality in Slide
 01. Cap above ball screw loosened.
 Clean inside and fasten all bolts.
 02. Air pressure in counterbalance.
 Based on the pressure curve to adjust it.
 03. O.L.P. solenoid stuck
 Check it and connect it.
 04. Parts loosened.
 Replace all damage parts.
 05. Locking pin loosened.
 Fasten it.


Air leakage
 01. Counterbalance.
 Check the upper and lower of cylinder. Replace the packing seal if need.
 02. Piping.
 Check all the fittings, replace if need.
 03. Die cushion.
 Check all packing seals. Replace it if need.
 04. O.L.P.
 Check all packing seal, Replace it if need.
 05. Leakage in filter.
 Check oil cup in filter. Replace it if need.
 06. Solenoid.
 Something inside to stuck? Clean it.

Abnormality in Slide adjust
 01. Motor stop.
 Check thermal relay and reset it.
 02. Air pressure too high.
 Adjust the air pressure based on the balance chart.
 03. Die height limit circuit broken.
 Check the upper and lower limit circuit. Re-wire it if need.
 04. Motor wire loosened or short circuit.
 It could cause motor and contactor burning. Check wire condition.
 05. Switch broken.
 Replace it.
 06. Connector of solenoid broken.
 Re-wire it.
 07. Brake lining broken.
 Replace lining.
 08. Wiring in T-stand broken.
 Re-wire it.
 09. Wrom gear and wheel wear off.
 Replace all.
 10. Slide locking cylinder stuck.
 Check cylinder and clean it.
 11. Air pressure too high in counterbalance.
 Adjust to suitable air pressurebased on the pressure chart.
 12. Upper and lower limit can't work properly.
 Check the limit setting and wiring condition.

Abnormality in lubrication
 01. Wrong oil chosen.
 Based on the instruction plate to choose the right one.
 02. Stuck in piping.
 Blow the pipe with high air pressure.
 03. Motor doesn't work.
 Power fail or something stuck. Detach motor and pump to judge the function of
either one.
 04. Air in oil pipe.
 Expel air by drain all oil in pipe and refill it.
 05. Dirty grease or air inside.
 Wrong way to pump-in grease. Grease should pump-in via grease bead with grease
 06. Grease packing deformed.
 Rearrange cap or replace packing.
 07. Pump cam stuck.
 Something dirty inside? Clean it and refill it.
 08. Oil leak or mud stuck.
 Fasten fitting and clean it.
 09. Motor out of order in grease pump.
 Replace it.
 10. Fuse burn.
 Replace it.
 11. Lubricant distribotor.
 Check all the lubricant outlets. Replace it if need.